How To Sell Your House In A Tougher Market

Firstly, the right time to move is when you’re ready. Secondly, there’s no need to be concerned if market conditions are undergoing change. The reality is the market is still incredibly busy – we’re busier than we’ve ever been so if you’re ready to sell, there’s no reason to put this off.

Over the last few years house prices have risen significantly, so homeowners have made money on their homes. House sale prices are now in decline, however only slightly so you’re still in a better position than 3 years ago.

This decline is affecting every house, including your onward property so to a degree, it’s all relative.

It’s always important to pull out all the stops when marketing your property, regardless of market conditions. Some agents reduce marketing spend in a busy market, as properties will sell easily, while others reduce marketing spend in a tougher market for fear of not seeing a return on investment. Perhaps because they’ve over-valued properties and therefore have a smaller chance of selling them?!

Over the last few years, we’ve increased our investment in property marketing and don’t compromise on that, regardless of market conditions.

There are things you can do, and things your agent can do:

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I’m hearing of agents reducing marketing spend as they’re concerned about their bottom line. This doesn’t surprise me; the majority of agents play a numbers game – list enough properties and some will sell. This was particularly an issue from autumn 2022 to summer 2023 when the market turned and the majority of agents over-valued homes in order to win the listing, with a plan to reduce the price later.

This horrifies me. In some cases, sellers have lost a significant amount on mortgage interest chasing a house price they were never going to achieve. It’s unethical and counter-productive.

If you’re ready to move, talk to a reputable local agent who can give a realistic view on how to market your house in line with current market conditions. They should come prepared with:

  • Recent sales data
  • Current market conditions
  • A marketing plan
  • Success criteria

If you’d like to talk to us about marketing your home, please contact us, we’re here to help.

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Founder & Director

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