7 Deadly Sins Sellers Make & How To Avoid Them

I’ve seen may lists of 7 deadly sins for sellers, frankly some are a bit wishy washy and I’d rather address the hard hitting issues that are real obstacles for sellers: 1. Favourably comparing rather than realistically comparing Valuing a home takes into account a lot of different criteria, including comparable homes sold and for […]

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Multiple Dwelling Stamp Duty Relief

Mark Stemp Crowe UK

Homes with annexes are more popular than ever, providing dedicated space for offices, guests and multi-generational living. There’s a hidden benefit to annexes too – they can save you a significant sum on Stamp Duty Land Tax. It’s surprising how few people are aware of this – some solicitors even overlook this during conveyancing. Over […]

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How To Choose A House In One Day

Sometimes buyers don’t want to put their house on the market until they’ve found the perfect house to move to. However most sellers only want proceedable* buyers to view their home. This can leave buyers feeling as though they’re in a ‘chicken and egg’ situation. How long will it take to sell your home? While […]

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