Case Study: Hillcrest House, Newbury

My lovely client Samantha shares her house selling story, including: We only represent a few homes at a time, to ensure we keep a strong focus on our clients and their homes. This in turn brings in strong financial results for our clients, as well as reducing stress. To find out how we can help […]

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The Cost of Over-Valuing Your Home

The property market has cooled. It hasn’t dropped, just cooled to more usual levels of interest and transaction. That means that pricing is critical. Alongside that, marketing is more crucial than ever – see below for more detail and statistics as to why. There are 3 key factors as to why the market has cooled: […]

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7 Deadly Sins Sellers Make & How To Avoid Them

I’ve seen may lists of 7 deadly sins for sellers, frankly some are a bit wishy washy and I’d rather address the hard hitting issues that are real obstacles for sellers: 1. Favourably comparing rather than realistically comparing Valuing a home takes into account a lot of different criteria, including comparable homes sold and for […]

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Moving Made Simple

There’s an awful lot to be done when moving house and some sellers find themselves against the clock when they go under offer. I often recommend bringing in a professional helper to organise the move including downsizing belongings, logistics and even just emotional and/or organisational support. Helena McBride, Professional Organiser with The Space Maker is […]

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Market Update – May 2022

Now at the peak of the spring market, prices and activity in the South East continue to break records. Despite rises in the cost of living, the race for space remains strong: 52% of properties are selling at or above asking price* Year on year prices have risen 10.6%* Indeed, 75% of properties under offer […]

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Multiple Dwelling Stamp Duty Relief

Mark Stemp Crowe UK

Homes with annexes are more popular than ever, providing dedicated space for offices, guests and multi-generational living. There’s a hidden benefit to annexes too – they can save you a significant sum on Stamp Duty Land Tax. It’s surprising how few people are aware of this – some solicitors even overlook this during conveyancing. Over […]

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Market Update – April 2022

Well, I was expecting the first quarter of 2022 to be busy, but not this busy! The residential sales market shows no signs of cooling, likely for the following reasons: A significant number of buyers are stuck in rented accommodation, having sold their home last year and are feverishly looking for a new home in […]

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Seller Insight: 5 Top Tips for a Stress Free Sale

I recently sold a house for my lovely client Karen. She was ahead of the game throughout the sales process which smoothed the way for a quick and easy sale. On completion I joked that she should write some Top Tips for other sellers. Organised as ever, Karen replied in hours with her Top Tips […]

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Market Update – December 2021

What a year! Having been through so many ups and downs over the last 21 months one thing has remained steadfast and that’s the property market. While price rises slowed in the 2nd half of the year, they did continue to rise. Demand is higher than supply so we’re lining up for a busy spring […]

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Exceptional Homes Magazine Request

For your own printed copy of Exceptional Homes magazine please complete this form and we’ll post one to you. To download a soft copy now scroll to the bottom of the page: View and download your soft copy by clicking on this link: […]

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House Move Checklist

Moving house is one of life’s most stressful events, so it’s worth investing time in planning to notonly reduce this stress but also make sure important milestones and actions are achieved. This checklist covers the key actions for a smooth move and when to tackle them. And remember,when you’re in your new home all the […]

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The Rise of ‘Cottagecore’

The past 18 months have been nothing short of turbulent, and has been an accelerator for widespread change in our global way of life. Communities, societies, and even countries have needed to adapt to the ‘new normal’, and in this country, the shift has been very interesting indeed. From towering skyscrapers and concrete jungles emerged […]

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Spotlight on Winchester

Vire of Winchester Cathedral

This affluent cathedral city lies in the heart of the South Downs national park, offering comfortable modern day living with an escape to the country only minutes away. The river Itchen runs through the city, offering relaxing riverside walks. Culture & entertainment With a vast array of shops, cafes, and eateries, you’re almost spoilt for […]

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Kai Carter Estates Wins Another Award!

We’re delighted to have been recognised by the International Property & Travel Awards in the Property Agency Consultancy Marketing category for the UK. Marketing is so critical when selling luxury properties – or any properties for that matter. Our homes are often one of if not the biggest asset we own, yet they often receive […]

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Solicitors – The importance of a good one!

Manisha Bhula - Property Solicitor

Conveyancing – the legal process of buying a house – is mystifying to many. Who knows what all the to and fro is about, why it takes so long and how to get things moving when you don’t understand what the hold-up is. Approximately a third of sales fall through in the conveyancing process. When […]

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Kai Carter Estates Wins Best Luxury Estate Agent 2021

Kai Carter Estates has been recognized as the Best Luxury Estate Agent 2021 by the SME News Southern Enterprise Awards. “The property market is changing rapidly, with sellers expecting high levels of service when selling one of, if not their most valuable assets. We are obsessive about delivering excellence in levels of service and marketing, […]

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Home Staging – How it helps sell homes

Beautifully staged garden dinning table

How we live in our homes and how we sell homes are two different things. With so many new properties around – staged to perfection – lived in homes must find their own way to stand out. Crucially, this doesn’t mean you have to create and live in a show home, or even spend money. […]

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Property Market Update – July 2021

Phew, what a few months it’s been leading up to the June Stamp Duty deadline! So what will the market do now? Since spring 2020 the market has been predicted to fall, yet it’s done the opposite. Number of sales and prices hit a new high in June and while activity will slow now the […]

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Property Market Update – April 2021

Spring is traditionally the busiest time in the property market, however we haven’t had a quiet period yet – the market hasn’t missed a beat since last year. Demand is high and stock is low so well-priced properties are selling fast at strong prices, to highly motivated buyers. It all bodes incredibly well for anyone […]

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Downsizing – Hints & Tips

Moving from your home of many years can be a difficult decision, with emotional ties needing to be cut. However, finding the right size home for your changing needs is not one that should be put off. Sometime circumstances such as health issues or a bereavement can cause you to decide that the time is […]

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Managing Challenges of the ‘Sandwich Generation’

Scene depicting an elderly gentleman embracing and younger female.

The sandwich generation is a group of middle-aged adults who care for both their aging parents and their own children. It’s a common situation amongst my peers – working full time, with dependent children and deteriorating elderly parents. It can be stressful juggling the demands of work, childcare, running a home and looking after parents whose needs […]

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