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A carefully curated approach is needed when selling unique luxury homes. While properties are often treated as commodities, a luxury home needs a specialist approach. Expertise is needed to accurately value, optimally market and successfully negotiate the sale of unique luxury homes.

At Kai Carter Estates, our focus is on finding the right buyer at the right price and facilitating a successful sale with minimal stress. Each house is assigned a dedicated agent who will work closely with both sellers and buyers. Our sellers and buyers are busy people who appreciate attention to detail and exceptional service so we go above and beyond to provide that.

Exceptional marketing

An exceptional home needs exceptional marketing; it needs to be seen by the right people, and stand out from the crowd. Sellers have poured love and attention into their homes, and the marketing needs to show them off to their highest potential and reach the right people. Exceptional marketing is far more than putting snaps on a property portal and being patient.

Our marketing plans are customised for each unique home and our highly organised team ensures that everything we need to sell your home is in place. Come launch day, we are ready to manage enquiries, answer questions, and generate valuable viewings. This is essential to fuel the momentum as interest builds.

Taking full advantage of social media and targeted media streams

Social media marketing is a crucial part of any holistic marking strategy, and is far more than simply posting an advertisement and expecting someone to reach out to buy. It is an exciting and highly effective way of reaching and interacting with potential buyers. The ability to reach buyers who will love a house, but had not considered the location is incredibly valuable, especially when dealing with exceptional homes. Many estate agencies have yet to adapt to this relatively new approach of marketing properties.

Tailored viewings

The homes we sell have so much to offer and each buyer has a different wish list. We take time to get to know our buyers, and understand their needs and desires before booking a viewing. By tailoring viewings for each prospective buyer we can focus on what interests them and how the house will deliver what they want from their next home.

Strong negotiation

Worthwhile negotiation takes into account not just price but special conditions and timings. Agreeing the right balance of all these factors is critical to a successful sale.

Working with the whole team to completion

Selling a home and moving is a complex, sometimes emotional, process, with many parties involved. Having the right team in place makes all the difference.

We, as your selling agent, play a central part in your team and see ourselves as the glue that holds the sale together. The importance of this can’t be underestimated. Any delays, or lack of communication, increase the chance of the sale falling through. By remaining involved right through to completion, we reduce the burden on the seller, can keep the process on track, and stop little niggles from turning into big issues.

As proactive problem solvers, we find ourselves supporting both the buyers and sellers during the conveyance process, ensuring everyone works together to achieve the desired outcome of a new home for both parties.

Nothing makes us happier than seeing sellers and buyers in their new homes, enjoying the lives they’ve been dreaming of.

Community & the environment

Community is at the very heart of what we do; it’s what makes a house a home.

Supporting the community

We are actively involved with the Rotary clubs of Windsor St George and Newbury Phoenix, organising events for our community, and raising funds to support local charities.

Supporting local businesses

We are big advocates of our wonderful small business community. We actively use and promote local businesses; buying supplies and services locally and promoting independent businesses alongside the properties and communities we represent. Around 90% of our suppliers are local to our Newbury and Windsor offices.

Supporting the environment

Our marketing materials are recyclable, and our branded goods are high quality, designed for long-term use.

To talk to us about how we can help you sell your home, feel free to contact us by email or phone, or by completing the Contact Us form to your right.


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Meet the team

Natalie Carter
Founder & Director

With 25 years in global corporate marketing and a lifelong passion for property, Natalie brings unrivalled marketing and operational excellence to the property industry. Born and bred in the home counties, she has lived and worked across the world, building an international property network. A country girl at heart, she loves getting to know the communities she works in. Her attention to detail in every aspect of the business and customer care is redefining how estate agency should operate in the UK. In her spare time, Natalie loves caring for her nephews, scouring the home counties for great delicatessens, gastro pubs and local businesses and her Christmas holidays overseas, always with her trusty laptop!

Nicki Breakspear
Office Manager

Nicki has 25 years of operational experience with a strong knowledge of the property industry. She has a superb eye for detail and works tirelessly in the background to keep sales moving and the business running smoothly, always with a positive, pro-active approach. Nicki is involved in every aspect of the business and has a solid knowledge of the properties we represent. Her instincts are spot on and her input highly valuable to the business. In her spare time, she loves caring for her little grandson and spending time with family and friends. A long time resident of Newbury, Nicki is deeply embedded in the community and can't walk down the high street without seeing 10 people she knows!

The Marketing Team

We pride ourselves on producing industry leading marketing, so we work with the best. Kai Carter Estates has an unbeatable network of marketing professionals who deliver top notch photography, video, brochures and social media marketing, that gets results.

The Essential Pillars

Mortgages, conveyancing and surveys are critical pillars to a property transaction. You might not need all three services, but you'll need at least one. We are happy to recommend our affiliates who can provide you with the levels of service you expect, to ease the sale or purchase of your home.

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