Interior design trends for 2020

Multi-coloured fabric swatch

After a few years of neutral tones and greys, the design trends for 2020 are looking a little bolder. Underpinned with earthy tones, we’re seeing some splashes of colour return to walls, soft furnishings and features.

Perhaps this is partly influenced by Escape to the Chateau, an intoxicating example of what can be achieved with a beautiful canvas and inspired design. Indeed, several prints from the Chateau are now available commercially.

Very few people decorate every year according to the latest trends of course, but there are times it’s worth considering what will look fresh and current.

It’s still worthwhile keeping your home relatively neutral if you’re selling. The latest statement wallpaper can be amazing, but it can also be a bit ‘marmite’ to potential buyers. To add colour, life and design to your home before going on the market, focus on soft furnishings and lighting.

Cushions, throws and statement lights can completely transform a room, and at a very reasonable cost. If you’re not quite sure which way to go, speak to your estate agent for advice. I’ve even had sellers copy the staging I’ve used for photography, so the house has the same look for viewings. This is a really quick, easy and cost effective way to update your home.

It’s your new home so go crazy! Devour the design magazines, browse the shops and create mood boards to perfect your style.

A country cottage will suit a different design than a city apartment, and just as with renovations, you may find you feel differently when you’ve lived there for a couple of months. So get a feel for what you think will work, then maybe wait a few weeks after moving in to see if you feel it’s still the right design for your new home.

Unless it’s cushions, throws and lights, in which case go crazy from day one! If you want to switch anything you won’t have spent too much, and you can donate the old to charity.

When it comes to selling, see above!

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