Decluttering & Downsizing – A plan to ease your move

Have you ever moved house with boxes of things you’d meant to sort through before the move?   Are they still in the loft now?!

Having a good clear-out is always a worthwhile exercise, especially if you’re moving house and definitely if you’re downsizing.

How decluttering can save and even make you money

Removals can be expensive, so why pay extra to move things you no longer need, and which could simply clutter your lovely new home? Never mind the time and stress it takes to pack, move and unpack things. The earlier you start to sort through things, the less stressful it will be. No one has time at the last minute!

You could find a trove of things that, while no longer of use to you, are of use to someone else. Try selling what you no longer need on Facebook Marketplace, eBay and Gumtree.

How decluttering can improve the appeal, and value of your home

How we live in our homes is different to how we sell them. We love our things, but buyers may not. Many times I’ve had feedback from viewers about the amount of ‘stuff’, which they clearly struggled to see past. You want your home to shine. Creating a clear, neutral space will make your home appear larger and it will be easier for buyers to imagine themselves and their belongings in the space you have. The more appealing your house looks to buyers, the higher price it will achieve.

The rule of thumb

Is it beautiful, useful or seriously sentimental?

  • Beautiful: If it’s something you love, and have room for, keep it
  • Useful: If you’ve used it in the last year, keep it. If not, do you need it?
  • Sentimental: Do you really want to keep it or can you gift it to relatives?
3 pictures: 1 showing a neat piles of towels, the 2nd showing a small cactus in a white pot & 3rd showing selves of jars neatly arranged

Action plan

  • Go through every box – especially those you haven’t looked in for years. Perhaps set a target of reducing every 2 boxes to 1
  • Pass your children’s items to them to store if they still want them
  • Gift sentimental items. Your childhood toys may be valued by your grandchildren
  • CDs, DVDs, Photos – digitalise where you can. There are companies who can do this for you
  • Make money by selling items you no longer need

Consider the space you’re likely moving to

If you’re moving from a four-bedroom home to a two-bedroom home, you only need to move two beds, dressers and bedside tables. Old bedding can go too. It costs money to haul big furniture, and if there’s nowhere to put it you’ll end up with a cluttered home or paying for storage, then probably getting rid of it anyway.

Look carefully at the floor plan of your new space and do a walk-through to get a feel for where you can place your tables, chairs, sofas, cabinets, books etc. Decide what will fit where and consider doing away with the excess.

Maximise the storage space you’re moving to

You can make your storage space go further by adding shelves, vertical clothing hangers and vacuum storage bags to fit in the loft or under the bed.

Just remember to check if what you’re storing is really worth keeping! Your new home should be a happy place where you can relax and revive so be mindful of how you build a home there, and what with.

We work closely with clients to help them with their plans to move and have several decluttering and organising professionals who can help you if required. Call us for more information.

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