Property Market Update – January 2021

We start the year in challenging times, which is once again prompting homeowners to rethink their lifestyle and living space. Whereas December and January are traditionally quiet months in the property market, the market didn’t miss a beat this season.

With a lack of Christmas parties, shopping and family gatherings, attention was instead focussed on future proofing home environments, with enquiries coming in right across the holidays including Christmas Day, resulting in viewings on Boxing Day and New Years Day.

With the announcement of the new lockdown we saw another surge in enquiries from people looking to move house for:

  • More living space
  • Bigger gardens
  • Rural living
  • Space for home working and home schooling
  • The usual requirement for being within 1 hour of London has all but disappeared

It has been rumoured that property prices may take a hit, but there’s no sign of that due to high demand and low stock. Crucially, the behaviours driving the market are thoughtful and sustainable: people are looking to move to 10, 20, 30 year houses rather than panic buying or investing without due diligence, as happened prior to the price drop in the late 2000s.

It remains the case that anyone looking to move should take advantage of a very buoyant market.

While the property market remains open there are understandable concerns about safety. We are working closely with our sellers and viewers to safeguard everyone as much as possible, with stringent policies in place, further adapted according to each situation.

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