Probate Properties – Easing The Sales Process

Losing a loved one can be an incredibly difficult time, hampered by navigating paperwork and logistics. When relatives and friends live far away, the probate process and subsequent probate property sale can become even more cumbersome.

With this in mind, Kai Carter Estates offer a Probate Property Service to take as much of the strain away from executors and family as we can.

Each client is different so we personalise our service according to your needs. This means taking the time to listen and understand your needs so we can tailor our service for you. If and when the stress starts to take hold, we’re always here to talk things through. We are on your side, always.

We are recognised for our personal attention and value the trust we earn with our clients. Our core values are honesty, integrity and trust, on which we have a built a platform of exceptional service, marketing and results so there will be no compromises when working with us at a time when these values will matter perhaps more than ever.

We tailor our service according to your needs and can advise you on the best solution for you during a discovery meeting, call, zoom or email chat.

In many cases, a probate property is ‘sold as seen’. However, some sellers may wish to spruce the property a little in order to maximise the sale price. With this in mind we offer the following services:

If the property is ‘sold as seen’ we will work our magic using physical and/or virtual staging, along with professional photography and video to show the property to it’s best degree. See ‘Premium marketing for premium return’ below for more details on how we market properties.

  • Professional cleaning
  • Gardening
  • House clearing 
  • Furniture donations to charity
  • Packaging and shipping treasured items

In some cases, a property may require a little more attention. If required we can arrange remedial works e.g., minor repairs and repainting.

If you choose to opt for a straight forward sale service from us, we can recommend various property professionals who are exceptional in their respective fields be that probate, conveyancing, decorating, removals etc.

Our recommendations are NOT based on referral fees, but on quality of service provided. As always, we are focused on building the right team for a successful sale for our clients above all else.

As with all our properties we offer complimentary staging, exceptional photography and video production. Quality marketing is incredibly valuable – our listings receive an average of 58% more views on Rightmove than properties marketed by other agents. This in turn translates into the best possible price achieved, which is why we invest in exceptional marketing for our clients.

Before & after photograph:!st picture shows an empty room, the 2nd shows the same room with a dining table, lamps and a sideboard.

All viewings are accompanied by the Director or a knowledgeable Sales Associate to ensure a seamless experience for buyers.

We are keen negotiators and will always put the interests of our clients first. There are few agents who can say that, in honesty we can.

This is an often-overlooked element of selling a property yet it’s crucial. We stay in close communication with all solicitors and agents during the conveyancing process to enable a quick sale, reducing the chance of the sale falling through unnecessarily.

We take a pro-active approach to every client and property we work with so there shouldn’t ever be a need to chase us. We will be working diligently for you, leaving you one less thing to worry about.

12 Hours a day, 7 days a week We are available 9am to 9pm 7 days a week and you will have a mobile number to reach us on as required.

WhatsApp Groups with our clients to provide mini updates as the marketing and sale of a property progresses. Our clients often love the convenience and efficiency of this.

Whenever you would like a personal meeting or phone call, we are here for you.

We are happy to chat and advise you as best we can.

We are available from 9am to 9pm, 7 days a week.

Newbury office: 01635 745055

Windsor office: 01753 316115

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