8 Home Office Design Tips

A home office, or two, is critical for buyers these days, as they adapt to home working with a need for privacy and quiet. To make sure this space is comfortable and productive, it’s worth putting a bit of focus on design.

Holly Scott is an Interior Designer with a wealth of keen eye for office design that will make you feel like a boss. Over to Holly…

Have you found your new normal is working from home? Have you found that the room in your house that needs help now is your home office? Do you have a designated study or can you use a spare bedroom?  If you run your own business, are freelance or simply need somewhere to keep on top of your daily admin, a fabulous and functional office space will make any work more enjoyable. Here are my 8 top design tips for your home office space.

Space can be found in some unusual places. A disused space on a landing, under the stairs or in an alcove can be used if you only use it for short periods at a time. Alternatively, hide office essentials in a purpose-built room, complete with a desk and integrated lighting. Then at the end of the day it can be shut away out of sight.

Find a good spot which has lots of natural light. Windows give lots of daylight which can help with productivity.

It’s best to face your window if possible so that you don’t get the light reflecting on your computer screen and also natural light is very flattering for any video calls! 

Ambient lighting is also great such as LED lights to create soft lighting and add some warmth. Desk lights and floor lamps can also help for darker spaces or dark winter evenings. Add statement lamps to add some personality into the space.

Storage is key for keeping the clutter out of sight! Use cupboards with shelving to keep all your paperwork, stationery and bits and bobs you don’t need to hand hidden away. You don’t have to use office furniture; you can find unique pieces of furniture that you love. You can display open shelving and box files of paperwork you need to hand. 

Good decor will not only make your office space feel more inviting, it can also improve productivity. You can choose colours based on colour psychology to help you pick an energy influencing colour, such as blue to stimulate the mind, yellow to stimulate emotion and happiness or green to create balance and calmness. Avoid dark, dull colours — they can make you feel less energetic.

I love a statement desk, it’s a great way to add your style and personal taste into the space. Do make sure though that it is the right height and that the chair you use is the right height for the desk so you don’t get a sore back.

Consider hard flooring such as wood, laminate or amtico rather than carpet if you want an office chair on castors. Or if you have a carpet then you could put down a low pile rug such as sisal to help with this. To define the space in an open-plan room, choose different flooring or wallpaper behind any shelving in the desk area.

A couple of green plants are a great way to add a splash of colour and interest to your office space but also increase happiness and reduce stress. A few plants can also increase productivity. You could pick something that is easy to maintain and helps improve air quality. The spider plant, dracaena, Ficus and Boston fern are particularly well known for their air filtering qualities.

It may sound silly but basic wire management can go a long way towards improving your office aesthetic. You can use some zip ties or Velcro to manage messy wires or use a cable management box.

I’m Holly and I love to create unexpected, statement interiors which create a talking point through the finishing touches and styling. Having a background and years of experience in dressing windows and interiors for Selfridges, Harvey Nichols, Liberty’s, Harrods and Ralph Lauren I am passionate to bring my design and styling skills into people’s homes.

I love to design luxury interiors which are elegant and sophisticated, but feel like a home which has evolved over time. With every project I undertake, I consider your needs, personal tastes and lifestyle, along with the characteristics of the property and its location. I like to create a highly personalised design matching your lifestyle and personality.

If you don’t have the time and would like some help to create the perfect home office to reflect your personality and work then I can offer a design concept or full interior design service to help you create the dream home office.


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