Garden Rooms: Offices, games rooms, pubs & pods

With us spending more time at home there’s been a big focus on maximising reception space in and outdoors to create home offices, games rooms, bars and retreat space. In some cases this space needs to be multi-purpose and ideally achievable without the need for planning permission.  I’ve been researching garden room options on behalf […]

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Smart Homes – Functionality & Benefits

Smart home functionality has been around a long time, but has only recently become more mainstream in the residential housing market. Now that we’re used to, and utterly addicted to smart phone functionality, we’re looking for the same convenience in our homes. And it’s not a generational thing, I’m seeing home buyers of all ages […]

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Creating a Lockdown-Friendly Home

Priorities for home space and functionality have changed significantly during 2020. As more companies commit to long term or permanent home working, and lockdown measures phase in and out, we continue to adapt to the ongoing lifestyle changes. More focus is being put on our homes to work for us as an office, entertainment and […]

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