7 Deadly Sins Sellers Make & How To Avoid Them

I’ve seen may lists of 7 deadly sins for sellers, frankly some are a bit wishy washy and I’d rather address the hard hitting issues that are real obstacles for sellers: 1. Favourably comparing rather than realistically comparing Valuing a home takes into account a lot of different criteria, including comparable homes sold and for […]

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Moving Made Simple

There’s an awful lot to be done when moving house and some sellers find themselves against the clock when they go under offer. I often recommend bringing in a professional helper to organise the move including downsizing belongings, logistics and even just emotional and/or organisational support. Helena McBride, Professional Organiser with The Space Maker is […]

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Downsizing – Hints & Tips

Moving from your home of many years can be a difficult decision, with emotional ties needing to be cut. However, finding the right size home for your changing needs is not one that should be put off. Sometime circumstances such as health issues or a bereavement can cause you to decide that the time is […]

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