What do buyers want in 2024?

It’s crucial that sellers are tuned in to current buyer wants and needs to maximise their chance of selling their home for the best possible price, in good time. Below I’ll share my recommendations for sellers, in line with what buyers are looking for in 2024.

After a frenzy of post-COVID property market activity, interest rates rose and the market tremored. Coupled with the rising cost of living, buyers started counting their pennies and paying more attention to the cost of their onward property. This has impacted the market today.

In many cases, these recommendations won’t just mean selling for a higher price, they’ll make the difference between getting an offer or no offers at all, so they are well worth considering.

This is my word of the year! I need a buyer to fall in love with your property when they walk through the door and for many buyers, this happens in seconds. A clean, fresh property is immediately appealing. A weekly run-around with a cloth misses the nooks and crannies, so I advise a deep clean.

You can make this easy by getting a cleaning company in to scrub every corner so it gleams. If buyers need to put sunglasses on inside your home to counteract the gleam, perfect!

Pressure wash your patio and pathways. These discolour gradually and so are often overlooked. Bright, clean patios will brighten your garden and bounce light inside the house, making it look brighter and fresher.

Broken front gate? Scuffed walls? Dead light bulbs? These spell neglect and buyers may wonder: if what they can see hasn’t been looked after, what horrors lie beneath? Get these DIY projects done.

We love our belongings, but they can distract buyers from appreciating the space and light of a home. A select few items are fine, but heaving shelves can make a property seem smaller, even tired. You’ll be packing these things away anyway, so get a head start by packing and storing ‘stuff’ so buyers can imagine themselves living there.

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We’re seeing a reluctance from buyers to take on renovation projects at the moment, quite the opposite of years ago when these properties would fly off the shelves.

The cost of renovating has gone up significantly in the last few years. There’s sometimes a disparity between what sellers think a renovation will cost and what it will actually cost. I sometimes hear sellers say “I’m not paying for someone to renovate this house” and I see the point. However, buyers will look at several properties, comparing the cost to buy plus the cost of work. If yours doesn’t stack up, they’ll buy elsewhere.

We can advise you if/how much a buyer will likely want to spend on your house so it can be priced appropriately.

Your home should be presented and marketed to appeal to the right target markets. For example, a couple living in a 5 bedroom home may be using some of the bedrooms as storage or craft rooms. It can be hard for buyers to know, from photographs, which rooms are actually bedrooms. So, these rooms should be turned back into bedrooms.

This can be done digitally, without having to move a thing! Talk to your agent about how they can help you define and present rooms appropriately for your target buyers.

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With buyers looking at several properties, yours should stand out from the competition. Along with the above, adding some luxurious lifestyle touches really helps inspire buyers.

This can be done with things like cushions and throws, fresh fruit and flowers, coffee, cakes and magazines. We do this for our clients when marketing their homes but not all agents do. For inspiration, look at how the properties on our website have been presented, almost all of them have been staged to some degree – can you spot the one we did nothing to at all?!

Take a look at our properties here

I hope you’ve found this helpful. If you’d like to read more on this topic click here. For personalised advice on the presentation and marketing of your home, please get in touch

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