Preparing Your Home To Sell For The Best Price

As experts in selling luxury properties, we know that presentation makes a huge difference – buyers can fall in love with a property in seconds. Conversely, they may walk around adding up the cost of work they want or need to do to the extent they are put off entirely, sometimes unnecessarily.

We also know sellers may not want to invest time and money in a house they’re about to sell, while others may be planning work that won’t add value. So how do you strike the balance?

The quick answer is talk to a good agent! We know what buyers are looking for and are always happy to help advise you on where to focus your efforts. These are the basics that can add to the perceived value of your home and achieve a quicker sale, at little or no cost.

1. Refresh paintwork

Touch up paintwork scuffs and consider repainting old or bold paintwork in white or a bright neutral colour so the rooms look big, bright and inviting. This helps buyers see a smart canvas they can paint their own style on.

Before and after photo of a kitchen. The before shows dated wooden units and the after shows the same units modernised by painting them blue & white

Case study: Initial viewers felt that this house needed too much work, when in my view it just needed a sprinkle of updating. I asked the sellers to paint the kitchen units to give it a new, fresh feel. It worked: the house sold two weeks after relaunch!

2. Declutter

Your belongings may be beautiful and sentimental; however, they can be distracting and make rooms appear smaller.

We represented a beautiful period home which was rather cluttered. Several viewers commented on the amount of ‘stuff’ rather than the large rooms and period features. Help buyers see the space and atmosphere your home has by taking away distractions.

3. Finish those maintenance jobs

Anything broken may give the impression that the house hasn’t been cared for so fix or replace broken door latches, taps, curtain rails and light bulbs. The stain from a past water leak will always be questioned, so it’s worth painting over old stains.  

4. Clean and freshen

Clean windows inside and out, carpets, architraves, de-scale taps and reach the nooks and crannies overlooked in the weekly clean.

Use subtly scented plug-in air fresheners or light candles before viewings.

Picture of a young boy sweeping the floor

Case Study: We represented a unique period home for sale, which was filled with belongings and memorabilia. The owners were clear they wouldn’t pack anything away until it came time to move. After a 45 minute viewing (it was a large home that took time to view) the viewers commented “it’s going to take them forever to move out of that house”. They made no comment on the beautiful period features or the large rooms, instead, their overriding impression was of the seller’s belongings. A missed opportunity.

5. Tidy the garden

Pressure clean the patio; you’ll be amazed how much brighter and fresher it will look! Tidy bushes and shrubs, remove weeds and scrub mould from woodwork so everything looks fresh and inviting.

If the weather allows, lay out garden furniture for a lifestyle feel.

6. Make the most of every single room

We play around with floorplans a lot! Based on the target market for your property, it may be worth repurposing rooms to create e.g. an office or playroom. This really helps buyers see how the space will work for them.

Virtual staging is an option (speak to your agent about this), or you may be able to repurpose furniture from elsewhere in the house. 

Before & after photo of a room previously used for storage, that is then virtually staged as an office
Case Study: A lovely family home had been on the market for 4 months, with no viewings. It was beautifully presented inside and the back garden was beautifully manicured. However, the front garden had been neglected so from the curb the house looked as though it had been empty for a while. We advised some minor landscaping of the front garden, remarketed it at the same price and had 6 viewers, 2 of whom had been looking in that area for months but had previously overlooked this property.

7. Kerb appeal

Buyers often drive past before requesting a viewing, but not all of them call to view. Maybe the area isn’t for them, or perhaps the exterior didn’t motivate them to look inside.

Exterior presentation sets the tone, so check it’s clean, tidy and inviting. Tidy the flowerbeds, repaint the front door and fix gates, fences or walls. Place feature pots with plants if the front garden looks a little bare.

8. Prepare your house’s CV

I ask my sellers to provide property information, including details such as the type and age of the boiler, heating source and council tax costs. It’s worth briefing your agent on this information to avoid viewers walking away with unanswered questions.

3 pictures showing a filofax, filing box and a weekly planner

9. Add some ‘staging’ touches

Along with presenting a clean and tidy house for viewings, consider adding extra touches that give the house a luxurious feel.

A room can be updated with on-trend cushions and throws, older bedding can be covered with neutral sheets. Fluffy towels and premium toiletries in bathrooms, a bowl of fruit in the kitchen and fresh flowers in the living room.

10. Ask for advice

It’s worth seeking advice in advance of putting your home on the market, to give you time to carry out any work required so you’re focusing your time and money where it will make a difference.

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