Home Staging – How & Why It Works

When a house is put on the market, the first challenge is getting people through the door, which all starts with the online presence, and with so much competition out there, it’s important to get it right.  Your property needs to say “Stop! Look at me, I’m exactly what you’re looking for.” But how do we do that?

With bespoke staging and styling, specifically aimed to appeal to your potential buyers. That’s how.

In North America, Australia & New Zealand, property staging has been successfully used for many years and is now a growing industry here in the UK. But is it all smoke and mirrors?

Absolutely not, we simply make sure each room has a defined purpose, highlighting features and showing the property at its absolute best. We think about who our potential buyers are and dress each room accordingly, giving them an idea of how they could make your property their home.

We offer a range of services from lifestyle staging, where we add ‘frou frou’ and enhance your existing furniture, to totally furnishing and accessorizing an empty property for the duration of the market period.  All styling is done to perfection, in preparation for the professional photographers and videographers.

We put ourselves in the buyer’s shoes and think about their first impression of each room and how we can make it stand out.  For example, a bedroom, beautifully decorated in natural shades, though lovely and relaxing doesn’t call out to you in a photograph. Now imagine the same room with a pop of colour, a little rearranging of furniture and some additional accessories. A touch of styling and pizzazz can stop potential buyers scrolling on past and get those feet through the door.

Kitchens and bathrooms often sell properties, so it’s always important they look their very best selves. Consider a bathroom all in white. It looks very crisp and clean, but perhaps a little chilly? We like to soften this look with a combination of coloured towels (if this is the en-suite, we’ll carry the colour through from the bedroom). Then add plants, flowers and luxurious toiletries. It’s now not just a functional room but more like your own personal spa.

With the kitchen, it’s often the hub of any home, a place for family dinners, catching up with friends and even parties. So, what we do is create an atmosphere by dressing the worktops and table, being sure to add enhanced home styling and not clutter. This way our buyers can imagine making new memories there.

These are just a few examples of our lifestyle staging, but we also work on empty properties and supply everything from sofas & beds to recipe books and magazines. If a property is empty, it can be very difficult to imagine how your sofa will look and more importantly, whether it will fit into the lounge. These properties can be tricky to market, with bare walls, sometimes threadbare carpets and with the only interesting feature being a window, they’re not very inspiring. Empty properties typically take longer to sell and often result in price reductions which is why staging is a valuable investment.

Let’s not forget the garden, an area that’s often overlooked and during lockdown we realised the value of our outdoor space. When staging, these are wonderful areas to work on, they are places to have fun and laugh; for sipping sundowners; for children to run about and let off steam in. And, if you are very quiet, you might be lucky enough to spot a teddy bears picnic.

The team at Fushia Design are qualified, highly experienced interior designers and stagers. We work throughout Oxfordshire, Berkshire and the Cotswolds, making sure your property looks stunning and is market ready. Several of our clients have loved our staging so much, they commission us to work with them on the interior design of their onward home or rental portfolio.

We regularly work with Kai Carter Estates to stage their properties for photography and video, if you sell your property through them, they will cover the cost of staging for you. Alternatively we can work with you on a bespoke basis in line with your needs.

We also regularly work with clients who are downsizing, it can be quite a daunting prospect, particularly when it’s been the family home and you’ve lived there for a number of years. We ensure your property has maximum buyer appeal for the right target markets, with minimum spend. Call for a chat to see how we can help.

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