A Day In The Life

Close up pf a Giant Sunflower head

Ever wonder what estate agents actually do all day? I can’t speak for others, but here’s how my day went today (warning: good vibes ahead!)

On the agenda for today is a visit to 2 apartments in Ascot, a quick trip to Windsor to see my best mate who I’ve not seen in weeks. I need to finalise my monthly newsletter content by 6pm and then home to catch up with admin and a sunflower competition I need to get out in a week. And of course the as yet unknown!

Over to Ascot to meet the lovely buyer of a gorgeous apartment, he wants to do some measuring up. The buyer would like to make the apartment his own so I’ve suggested two great Interior Designers I know, Claire at Studio 12 and Fiona at Fushia Design. I make a note to email him the links to their websites so he can get a feel for their styles and approaches.

A picture showing the kitchen and living area of an apartment in Montrose Court

While I’m there I’ve arranged to move a sofa from the apartment I’m visiting to the one upstairs I’ve just sold. The buyers upstairs need an interim sofa until their new ones arrive. Arranging removal men was no mean feat at less than 24 hours’ notice but we managed it! In the process of opening windows in the ground floor apartment to let in some lovely spring air I’ve managed to damage a delicate window key. The buyer would like additional copies of it too so I’ll get those ordered from Ascot Locks in Sunninghill. I let the seller know what’s happened and that I can take care of it.

I double check the apartment has left just as the seller likes it.


Over to Windsor where my good friends and fellow Rotarians have recommended I visit Imperial Café, run by brothers Paul & Peter. What a fabulous little place! It’s one of those tiny buildings that, tardis-like, is bursting with deliciousness. I introduce myself to Peter who comments on the recent absence of our mutual friends, I explain they’re down with Covid. How lovely he noticed their absence – that’s community.

Photo of the counter and back shelves in Imperial Cafe. There are sandwiches & cake on the counter and beautifully arranged storage boxes and jars on the shelves
Imperial Cafe, Windsor

I do love to support small businesses; the quality of products and service is so good. I pick up some treats to leave on the doorstep for my Covid stricken friends, lunch for myself and carrot cake for Chris, my best friend I’m about to visit. Before I leave Peter tempts me with a cappuccino, it’s so good! They sell coffee beans so I buy some for my coffee connoisseur brother-in-law. I’ll use this as a bribe for a visit with my nephews, I’ve not seen them for a month and miss them terribly.

Over to my best mate’s house. I haven’t seen him in weeks and it’s warm and sunny so I’m going to stop by for a catch up in the sun and a couple of valuable hours ‘off work’. That was the plan, however my phone had other ideas! 2 viewings at Charters Estate in Sunninghill booked and 3 more people added to the wait list for properties that are under offer.

Finalised the last bit of newsletter content from Paul Shorten re the Ukraine situation and global economic shift. I’ve had a few buyers and sellers mention the potential impact of this recently – not that it’s made the market miss a beat – but I would like to address this from the point of view of an expert.

Newsletter content done! The lovely seller of a stunning period property I’ve got under offer (it was snapped up off market by just the right buyer) has replied with some really positive answers to questions from her buyer. Brilliant! I pass these straight on to the buyer. I’m dealing with 3 parties in the chain on this transaction, each of which are being managed by lovely, organised, pragmatic women. They’re making my job even more wonderful than usual.

A view across the duck pond at twilight, of The Copse. The is also a photo of the cinema room
The Copse, Kidmore End, South Oxfordshire

I’ve had no quality time with Chris, I’ve been on the phone, talking shop, back on the phone… luckily, he’s wonderfully understanding. The market is so busy at the moment, I have a few sales in progress that need more attention than usual. I’m also in the process of launching a £5m estate that has required special attention to detail, and waiting to hear if I’ve been appointed on a new instruction The seller’s current marketing doesn’t do the gorgeous country house justice at all and the seller is frustrated that the agent doesn’t do Sunday viewings.

Back in the car and down the M4 to Newbury. I’m fortunate to have a company – and a job – that’s busy and viable in these strange circumstances so I need to stay on form physically and mentally to keep up. I’ll swing by Waitrose to pick up some salad for lunches next week, for my signature Thai fish pie and a bottle of red, I do love a tipple while I’m cooking. I arrive in the Waitrose car park and confirm sale and delivery of the sofa to the seller and buyer with photos for their peace of mind.  

A photo of a Thai Fish Pie

As I shop, I make a mental note to update Nicki on the day’s progress. Nicki is our Office Manager and I don’t know what I did without her. Urgent tasks on my list are magically done, emailed, logged and filed, along with processes streamlined and less urgent tasks ticked off the list. I need to email her details of today’s calls and chats so she’s up to speed and can get on to solicitors on Monday to keep the conveyancing process moving.

I then wonder, maybe I should write a ‘day in the life of’? Estate agents are often viewed as expensive and useless and in too many cases I can see why! I’ve never had that said about me though.

I start on the fish pie and ponder the Rotary sunflower competition. It should be easy but there are rafts of health & safety regulations and logistics to wade through. The rest of the Rotary team have been picking up the slack this week so I need to step up, I really want to see some kids grow their sunflowers this summer! While the pies are cooking I do a spot of ironing and then put on This Is Us while I eat, one of my favourite shows. Beth is my favourite character, she inspires me.

A photo of a young boy in a sunflower field and the Rotary Club of Windsor St George logo

I have another viewing request for Charters Estate. It’s a high security estate, absolutely stunning and serene, so it does attract the odd dreamer. I run a check on the enquirer to be sure he’s a genuine buyer otherwise a viewing would compromise the resents’ privacy and security unnecessarily. This request is genuine but they’re not answering the phone, not surprising given it’s an unknown number on a Saturday night, I’ll follow up in the morning.

Some progress made on the sunflower competition copy, but I’m a bit distracted by This Is Us in the background. It won’t hurt to have a couple of hours of down time, I will pick this up tomorrow afternoon.

The day is coming to a close and the business and I are in good shape. Lots achieved and we’re on track. Time for bed, I’ve got a viewing tomorrow morning at Charnham House in Hungerford with a family looking for multi-generational living, this house could be perfect for them!

Natalie Carter

Founder & Director

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