Home Staging – How it helps sell homes

Beautifully staged garden dinning table

How we live in our homes and how we sell homes are two different things. With so many new properties around – staged to perfection – lived in homes must find their own way to stand out.

Crucially, this doesn’t mean you have to create and live in a show home, or even spend money. We sprinkle this magic onto your property for you, and the results speak for themselves. Our properties consistently get more attention online than competitive properties and we achieve an average of 100% of asking price*

Wonderfully presented properties attract more interest, more viewings, more offers and therefore the best price. What’s more, viewers and buyers enthuse about staged properties because, by the time they view, they’ve already bought into the lifestyle from the marketing. In fact they rarely notice properties have been staged when they come to view and find the lifestyle touches aren’t there or refurnished rooms look different.
It really is a sprinkle of magic!

Physical staging

Physical staging involves adding touches to a house on ‘media day’.

I often bring in a professional stager who will work with the property style, keeping in mind the target audience, to add lifestyle touches that really make a house pop. Buyers are looking for a home that will give them the lifestyle they yearn for which may include raising a family, entertaining, working from home. By staging a property we are demonstrating that lifestyle, helping a buyer ‘step in’ to a photo and imagine themselves living their best life there.

Virtual staging

Virtual staging is created digitally after the photo shoot. This is particularly useful for empty properties and a great tactic for rooms that are unused or would have more appeal if re-purposed. E.g. a garden annexe used for storage can make an ideal garden office. It’s not even necessary to empty the room before it’s photographed, we can digitally strip all furniture from the room before refurnishing it.

How we use physical and virtual staging varies from property to property. To find out how we can maximise the value of your home using virtual staging, contact us for an evaluation. 

* August 2021

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